Eastland Disaster

The SS Eastland was a passeger vessel that was stationed here in Chicago. It conducted tours a long the Chicago River. However on July 24th 1915, the Eastland tipped over and 844 lives were lost. It is a moment in history that is not talked about as frequently and with the use of AR we can bring the event back to life and educate people that this event did happen. We chose to do an AR application because we wanted the users to be immersed in the moment and have visuals that depict the scenes that played out. With these visuals we would also add interactive text blocks that describe the boat and what exactly happened. As you walk along the river at different points you would see the timings of the different events. In the application we will have a top down view of the city of Chicago with pin-pointed places of interest that users are incouraged to go and see what AR experience they will recieve there.